E2S PLUS Smart Shades Switch - for shutters and blinds

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Scheduling & Automation

Energy Efficiency

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More Than a Switch

The Rewards of Going Smart

This elegant, touch-sensitive, and voice-activated lighting control system allows for customizable and automated ambiance settings, making modern living effortlessly convenient.

Tailor your lighting environment to match your mood or occasion, offering versatile backlight and dimming options for a personalized and sophisticated atmosphere in your home.

Designed for energy efficiency, allowing you to monitor and control your home's lighting usage, potentially reducing energy consumption and costs through smart scheduling and intuitive, remote-accessible controls.

IOTTY enables you to create personalized lighting schedules and scenarios, automating your home's lighting to align with your daily routine and preferences, ensuring convenience and energy efficiency.

Security features include a vacation mode, which can randomly turn lights on and off to simulate occupancy, enhancing home security by deterring potential intruders while you are away.

Works with All Your Devices

Indoor Lights

Outdoor Lights

Window Blinds



Many More

Setup in 10 minutes

All you need is a screwdriver and neutral cable

Remove The Old Switch

Step 1

Remove The Old Switch

Verify power is off. Pull out your old switch and label your wires.

Connect The Smart Switch

Step 2

Connect The Smart Switch

Follow the steps provided in the iotty installation guide

Secure The Switch & Test

Step 3

Secure The Switch & Test

Turn power ON at the circuit breaker. Now register your device!

Set Up the Smart Features

Step 4

Set Up the Smart Features

Use the free iotty app to create unlimited automations!

Frequently Asked

Yes! Just connect your iotty account with alexa & you can say things like "Alexa, set the mood".

Yes, it carries a CE and TÜV certification (ID 1111268836). This certification means that the product is safe to use in your home.

Yes, you can link multiple iotty switches together (through WiFi) so they act as a multi-way switch. This is done through an extra wiring connection (no new wires needed) and configuration settings in the app.

Yes, the iotty app is developed in Italy in accordance with GDPR and EU rules. This means that we respect your privacy and will never sell or rent any submitted information to third parties.